LetSGrow.com App

Realize crop protection in an effective way, with the digitization of scouting and crop management processes. The LetsGrow.com App provides you with possibilities for scouting and Digital Crop Management. On top of that, the app is connected to your X-AIR Dashboard. 


It is important to discover and mainly prevent pests and diseases in an early stage. Thanks to the scouting functionality within the LetsGrow.com App, you scout pests and diseases in an efficient way, reducing the amount of paperwork. The scout counts are immediately transferred to the X-AIR Dashboard, where you can view all the results. The results are converted into graphs and tables, with which a well-considered decision can be taken with regard to crop protection on a weekly basis. Another advantage is that predictability can be created for recurring situations. The app and the online environment provide a lot of valuable information, which means you can be even more alert to crop protection.

Digital Crop Management

With the LetsGrow.com App, you record high-resolution video's and pictures in your greenhouse. This creates the possibility to upload the footage from the app on your phone or tablet to the X-AIR Dashboard. Thereafter, you can analyze your crop with fellow growers or crop advisors of your choice. Within the X-AIR Dashboard you rate your crop with similar ease. The X-AIR Dashboard displays what you recorded and how you rated each other’s crops; it includes all environmental circumstances your crop experienced at both time of recording and the surrounding days. Context is immediate. A call and visual material is all it takes to discuss and compare crops and what you discuss is easily captured on the same page as your videos, ratings and context.