Aspirator Box

The proper combination of temperature, humidity, CO2 and grow light in your greenhouse determines the health and vitality of your crop. In addition, a proper balance helps to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. The aspirator box contains sensors that measure the temperature and air humidity. These measurements are important, because all controls for heating, ventilation, screens, etc. are based on these measurements. The Aspirator Boxes will be installed underneath the screen as well as above the screen. Hereby, you are able to realize an equal climate. 



Within the Data Driven Growing Strategy it is important to maintain plant balances according to the Plant Empowerment principles.

Thermoview is a thermal camera that measures the temperature of and around the crop. The thermo camera allows you to measure fruits, flowers and plant temperature real-time with one sensor. By measuring the temperature of the crop and the greenhouse on multiple places, you gain insight into vertical temperature differences and temperature differences between the crop and the area around it. Large temperature differences increase the condensation risk. With the insights provided by Thermoview, you can make adjustments and thus decrease the chance on condensation. As a result you avoid crop damage and diseases.

Plant Temperature Camera

The sensor measures the temperature (in degrees Celsius) of the crop or fruit at which the camera is pointing. Using the Plant Temperature Camera, allows you to detect crop stress and condensation risks early, because the sensor tells you when any deviations occur between the crop temperature and the greenhouse temperature.

PAR Sensor Greenhouse 2x

Light plays a crucial part in plant and crop growth. Absorption of light drives the photosynthesis process whereby CO2 and water are photo chemically converted into glucose and oxygen. The light used by a plant for this process is called Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

A PAR sensor provides insight into PAR at crop level and enables more effective management of screens and light. The PAR sensor ensures energy efficiency.