Ultimate control of your growth climate

The Next Generation iSii of Hoogendoorn Growth Management, thinks along with you, supports you and controls all the company processes in your greenhouse. With the innovative next generation iSii process computer, you easily manage the entire business process in your greenhouse: from greenhouse climate and irrigation to the provision of energy. You can see the current settings, the target values and the results at a single glance. This makes it easy for you to produce your products in an energy-saving manner while maintaining quality.

All-in-one process computer

iSii is an all-in-one process computer that delivers integrated solutions for climate-, water- and energy management. To provide you with a total solution for your business operations, the iSii process computer is completely integrated with the Dalsem X-AIR Sustainable Greenhouse and can also be easily connected to every sensor. In addition, the process computer is equipped with a menu in various languages and a secured data connection providing you access from anywhere in the world.

The iSii process computer is suitable for all sorts of cultivation and is adjustable to your situation. In the worksheets you can create summaries in the form of graphs, settings lists, tables, visualizations and floor plans. You can create and arrange these worksheets according to your own needs. Finding information is made easy for you with the available search function, which saves you a lot of time. With iSii’s user-friendly interface, versatile functions and solid system housing, you’re always a step ahead.