weekly monitoring and training

Training is an important aspect for applying the Data Driven Growing Strategy based on the Plant Empowerment principles. LetsGrow.com experts train you, your growers and crop advisor(s) in the usage of the Data Driven Growing techniques on weekly basis. The core of these sessions is the training on the optimal use of data and plant physiology, by combining experience with facts and numbers. This enables repeated use of the gained knowledge based on data over several locations and large distances. You will learn that you can make solid decisions without being physically present in the greenhouse(s).

Next to the training sessions, the LetsGrow.com experts will monitor the data of your X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse on weekly basis. The starting points of the monitoring process are the data-analyses. When the data analyses are finished, LetsGrow.com will have mapped the ideal cultivation strategy and target values for your crop. This enables you to identify the required actions that need to be taken, in order to achieve your ideal cultivation strategy.